Saturday, August 4, 2007

The Creepier Family Secrets

Are the revelations about the Chicago Outfit the real secret? Or is it the close ties between the Outfit and the family that has dominated the 5th floor of City Hall? Which is worse the private (the Outfit) scheming to squeeze money out of a hapless populace or the public (the Mayors office with help from Don Timoteo Degnan) scheming to squeeze money out of a hapless populace. See John Kass' recent column about the intersection between the mob and the 5th floor. The cast of characters siphoning money out of the public trough is just dizzying. Not only are Chicagoans footing the bill for dazzlingly overwrought downtown development while regular neighborhoods lay fallow but we're also paying for hissy fits between felonious frat boys. You have to wonder, if your ALIVE and BREATHING instead of doing crystal latte while speeding to your condo along LSD, why city hall engages in so much sub rosa activity. Why do they protect police officers who abuse the public (see Michael Miner' Chicago Reader article here)?