Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Eve of Destruction

As we sit on the precipice of a massive though modified tax increase it is useful to look at what "brung" us here to begin with. Big dollars for settlements on lawsuits against police misconduct, that's one! Municipal contortion to get the 2016 Olympics, that's another! A mayor who never met a TIF he didn't like, whew - it's gettin' hot in here! Let's not forget that old standby, City Hall corruption - you name the department and they got goin' on, know what I'm sayin'?! Lucky for us all, that at this particularly providential moment in time that at the state level there is a crack group of leaders whose special skill is infighting and insufferable pouting. Oh how I miss Romper Room! And the mayor has the clear unyielding vision to place at the mouth of the Chicago river, which of course runs backwards, a giant and great symbol of what every taxpayer will be getting over the next decade. They call it a "Spiral" but we all know what it really is... and what is really being done to us.